Finding Life

UNOH’s magazine/newsletter Finding Life will no longer be printed for distribution. The decision to make it only available online reflects our desire to be wise with our resources and expenses. We hope that you can continue to both journey with us and be inspired as you read the “Urban Stories” of what God is doing by his spirit through and among us.

There are three options for viewing. Online magazine, Online Posts or Downloadable PDF.

From current edition of Finding Life

…we invite you as the reader to engage the material with your body, mind and spirit. Your body, in the sense that we hope you will step out of reading feeling inspired by the call to do mission in your own neighbourhood. Your mind, in terms of engaging intelligently with what is presented and talking to others and Jesus about it. Your spirit, in the sense of the intangible, unpredictable, intuitive part of you that cries out “Abba! Father!”, who is willing to step into the mist and the smoke, the mystery that we call mission.