Camille Beckingham

Klong Toey, Bangkok, Thailand


Camille is passionate about living out and extending the hope and love of Christ, that He may transform lives. In the past Camille studied International Relations, culture and language – and was particularly struck by the heartache, conflict and struggle that many encounter.

At the beginning of 2012, Camille relocated with UNOH to multicultural Springvale, a suburb south east of Melbourne. She spend her time growing friendships with neighbours through spending time with children, helping teenagers with homework in their second language, and assisting refugee neighbours with navigating life in Australia as well as helping in the Free Burma Cafe .

After some time of discernment and sensing a call to serve overseas, Camille will be joining the Lok 3 team with UNOH Bangkok. She will be involved in Language and culture learning, kids and youth clubs, helping with a training and employment Cafe initiative and other projects. Her cross cultural experiences of Springvale and her gift in linguistics will be a huge asset and her heart to love and serve the most vulnerable will be a blessing to the many families she will be living amongst in this slum community. Camille is excited to be a part UNOH Bangkok and hopes that she can see many lives come to know the restoration, justice and love of a transforming God.

The cost of relocating to Thailand, and undertaking formal language study is high. Would you consider financially supporting Camille into this next part of her journey among the poor?

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