Dave and Denise Tims

Manurewa, Auckland, New Zealand


Dave and Denise (Maori descent) Tims live in Randwick Park, South Auckland NZ, with their 3 teenage children. Dave (trained Primary School Teacher and Counsellor) and Denise (trained Primary School Teacher) have served for over 20 years with Youth for Christ, Te Ora Hou and then Incedo (all ministries closely related with YFC) and have been caregivers with CYPFS and the Open Home Foundation before they joined UNOH in 2009.

Time is spent either developing local leaders (and the many new projects these leaders have pioneered), mentoring new Christians, drinking coffee while planning events, planting native trees alongside a stream, networking at the local café and partnering with the local Residents Association.

Whenever there is some spare time Dave can be seen wobbling on his mountain bike through Totara Park, Denise slicing through the water at the local free pools or both charging around trying to keep up with their kids sports commitments.


NZ Donations
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