Eric and Anna Mailau

Manurewa, Auckland, New Zealand


Eric and Anna have moved into Randwick Park, Manurewa, Auckland NZ. Eric is a Tongan-New Zealander and has just finished 3 years of theological studies; focussing on youth ministry and mission. Anna is a British-New Zealander and a qualified and working personal trainer. They moved to Auckland in 2012 from Wellington where they worked with the youth of their home Church. They are passionate about young people, their development and growth and want to
encourage them in whatever way they can.

Eric and Anna’s time will be spent getting to know our neighbours; hoping to connect with the Tongan communities, but also specifically with WOC (Warriors of Change) and with the community youth group ‘Soufpac’. This will mean fun times with the upcoming young community leaders in discipleship, and appropriating a response/encouragement to the community through role modelling. Soufpac involvement is running weekly programs, school holiday programs, connecting with
local schools and basic teachings of the bible.

They hope that through Submerge, they will have the space to wrestle and see the place and intersection of the gospel in the social aspect of their lives, other people’s lives, the community and the world.

Whenever the opportunity arises Eric loves a good chance to go fishing! Anna loves to go camping or just be in the country side trekking or mountain biking.


NZ Donations
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