Lish Faulkner

Klong Toey, Bangkok, Thailand

Lish has lived and served in the Klong Toey Slum Community of Bangkok since January 2011. In recent years she has also become mum to her foster son, Tan. This place truly is home for Lish & Tan, where they have found family and deep friendships. Hidden amongst the shadow-side of this community, for which it is often known, are precious gems of beauty and hope. As she goes about the mundane of day to day life she has found great richness in relationships and experienced the love and grace of God in surprising places.

Lish and Tan are part of the Lok 3 neighbourhood where their lounge room is often transformed into a creative play zone for the neighbourhood kids, a safe space for people to sit and chat about life, a wound care clinic, a birthday or celebration meal table, a haven for a cup of tea of comfort and a place where life can happen. Lish loves to get involved in the community and join with neighbours in any way she can through kids clubs, volunteering at the local kinder, attending medical appointments with friends, learning about God together, empowering local leaders and seeing dreams come to life. Tan keeps himself busy with attending school, playing with friends and being an adopted big brother to some of the more vulnerable in our community.

Lish & Tan are humbled and grateful for the opportunity to have a front row seat to witness the beauty of seeing the image of Christ in all creation revealed and to bear witness to the risen Christ.

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