Jesus the Fool

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Michael Frost

The Mission of the Unconventional Christ

You had to be pretty foolish to begin with to venture out into one of Melbourne’s coldest winter nights for many years but it was certainly heart warming to find a number of like minded ‘fools’ at the book launch for Jesus the Fool.  About 50 people heard Mick Duncan help launch the book by relating a story of how Jesus the Fool got him into trouble not long after he began as a speaker – according to Mick, trouble making books are the best kind — ‘a good book should always cause trouble’ (not unlike the bible).

Mike Frost stirred us to consider the foundational qualities of Christ himself — it was a great message that again affirmed how radical and ‘foolish’ the call to join Jesus as a Disciple really is.

Jesus the Fool is the second book in UNOH Publications Discipleship Classics series along with Mick Duncan’s Costly Mission and John Smith’s Cutting Edge.

“I have been a fan of Mike Frost for several years, but because Jesus the Fool had gone out of print, I had never heard of it. Now, having just finished it and enjoyed it immensely, I see how it sets the stage for all of Mike’s later work. I’m grateful to UNOH Publications for releasing it again so that others can benefit from it as I have. It shows Mike’s wonderful skill as a storyteller, and more – it introduces us to Mike’s source of inspiration.”
—  Brian Mclaren, Author/Activist

“Even after so many years, Jesus the Fool remains a unique and refreshing book. Surely the main reason for this is that the Jesus we encounter in Mike’s writings is always so surprising, so wonderfully intriguing, and so subversive and challenging. This, combined with the fact that the people of God can never get enough of the central Person of our faith, means that this book will always remain current. One of the great communicators of our age does it again… again.”
—  Alan Hirsch, Author of The Forgotten Ways, co-author of The Shaping of Things to Come


Author: Mike Frost
ISBN: 9780977507030 (Paperback)
Published: 2007
Pages: 170