Muddy Spirituality


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Jon Owen

Foreword by Michael Frost

What kind of spirituality is required for those working and living in the abandoned places of Empire amongst those forced to live under the ominous shadows it casts? Journeys to the margins soon break down preconceptions, ideas and familiar comforts.

Spirituality becomes less about ascent, and more about descent, and that’s ok because it becomes…

More about community.

More about Jesus.

More… muddy.

This book is not written as a systematic study of incarnational living and mission. Rather it is a collection of stories, anecdotes and reflections on how the stories of Jesus still interact and shape our lives and our ministry today…if we let them.

It’s about taking the aspirational messages of our culture and getting them muddy in the context of serving Jesus on the ground.

Get ready to get muddy, time to get real…

“When we come to the end of neat and clean explanations, there is a blinding light that can look like darkness. Fear of that darkness paralyzes so many of us. But just as Jesus put mud on the blind man’s eyes to help him see, Jon Owen invites us into the messiness of the ghettos to see anew. Go with him, and keep your eyes open – even in the mud. There’s good news for all of us in these pages.”

Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove

Author, speaker, and new monastic


Author: Jon Owen
ISBN: 9780987099402 (Paperback)
Published: 2011
Pages: 250

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