Who Stands Fast


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Michael Duncan

In many respects the genesis of this little booklet was I like to think, a ‘God thing.’ I last wrote a book in the mid-nineties and have thus waited ten years before doing it again. This is how it came about. One night I received a bizarre little dream. In the dream a pencil had got stuck in my throat and I was desperately trying to choke it out. And then I awoke. I turned to Ruby my partner in marriage, shook her so that she was fully present to the moment and then told her of my little dream. “How strange,” she muttered and then drifted back to sleep. A few weeks later a possible interpretation of the dream dawned on me. Maybe, it was time to begin to write the things that over the past ten years I had been speaking about…

Who Stands Fast Contents
Dark Forest Moments
In the War Zone
Battlefield Nightmares
Prayer as a Weapon
Order out of Chaos
Dealing to Dualism
The Courage to Stand
Rediscovering Outrage

Tragedy ushers you into a kind of club that for which you would never voluntarily sign up. As Mick Duncan has had the opportunity to travel around the world and speak about some of the tragic events that have peppered his life, he has drawn out the hidden, ugly stories of godly men and women who have tasted faith-jarring emotional pain and loss. For those relying on the Christian platitudes which suggest bad things don’t happen to people of faith, you need to read this book. Too often we are lulled into the fallacy that Christians will never experience hardship, loss, or catastrophic events. Mick Duncan helps to unpack the Biblical basis for life’s difficulties and the remedy for keeping your faith when the world around you has come undone.“Creating a sweet and happy life for us is not in God’s job description,” Duncan says. “Guaranteeing us his unfaltering love is.” This is a thoughtful and stirring engagement with the issues of free will, suffering, God’s power and the reality of evil. — Scott Bessenecker


Author: Michael Duncan
ISBN: 0958060231 (Paperback)
Published: 2005
Pages: 85