Jon Fletcher
Shrewsbury, England
Age: 32
Married to Elise
Children: Elliot (7) & Sam (4)

This year is a big one. My hope is that my family and I find life in Klong Toey.

For me, the downward journey of following Jesus has meant packing up what seemed like a comfortable and secure life in Shrewsbury to move to join the UNOH team in Klong Toey. Giving up my job as a doctor and the season of goodbyes to friends and family was painful. But my hope is that, in moving to the margins of our world, I will both please Jesus and be transformed by Him.

I hope to direct myself towards simplicity, to leave behind the anxious striving of consumerism. So far the craziness of a Bangkok city slum has been pretty overwhelming, and busyness and stress and the drive to achieve have crept in from time to time! Jesus help me.

I hope that I can spend time hearing the stories of our new neighbours (and understand what they are saying!). I want Elliot and Sam to see this world the way it really is and to learn to love God and neighbour from a place which is, to them, ‘a million miles from home’.


Elise Fletcher
Shrewsbury, England
Age: 31
Married to Jon
Children: Elliot (7) & Sam (4)

I moved with my family to join the UNOH team in Klong Toey, Bangkok. Bangkok is very different to our home town of Shrewsbury in the UK where, for a year, we lived and served with our church on a wonderful council estate. More traffic here, better food, a lot less grass but many of the same chains of injustice restricting the freedom of our neighbours.

My hope for 2015 is that Jesus reveals some of the chains in me that stop me dreaming of how life could be here. As we enter this time of formation I’m praying that the feelings of helplessness are not wasted and I find my dreams transformed as I view the world from the edges.

I love these words from Dave Andrews ‘Building a Better World’: ‘the great things are the little things which, done quietly, gently and graciously, bring life out of death in our localities’. I want to embrace this mission from the start as I learn Thai language and culture and respond to the seeds of hope I already see in this community.

So excited to be journeying with UNOH!