As Urban Neighbours of Hope…

We immerse ourselves in the life of neighbourhoods facing urban poverty, joining the risen Jesus to seek transformation from the bottom up.
We live and serve as small, responsive neighbourhood-based teams within cities in Thailand, New Zealand and Australia.

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Acts 14:1-28 to Acts 15:1-29

Grace To not take ourselves too seriously but take seriously the time God has graced us with. Readings Acts 14:1-7 Acts 14:8-20 Acts 14:21-28 Acts 15:1-29 Devotion 1 – Bold witnesses Take some time to still your hearts and minds before reading the passage. Read: Acts 14: 1-7 Ask: What stands out to you in this passage? Prayer of confession:


The beauty they possess

by Tonisha Rohe It was your average youth night, kids playing, leaders shouting and the sound of laughter echoing. Everything seemed normal, until I was called into the office; I walked in and waited anxiously. “Show her,” he said, I looked over and saw his wrists covered with deep red cuts. I couldn’t help but think, this is nothing but


A Gentle Whisper

The Advent season comes upon us like a gentle whisper, hidden by the chaos and violence of a desperate world longing for peace. Much like the first Christmas, the Incarnation quietly entered the world, finding a place to dwell that was considered unfit for a child, let alone a King. Only those who stopped and listened, paying attention to the