As Urban Neighbours of Hope…

We immerse ourselves in the life of neighbourhoods facing urban poverty, joining the risen Jesus to seek transformation from the bottom up.
We live and serve as small, responsive neighbourhood-based teams within cities in Thailand, New Zealand and Australia.

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John 6:25-71

John 6:25-35 John 6:35-59 John 6:59-71    Grace To discern and share what I’ve been learning and needing from God with the broader Body of Christ. Devotion 1 Read: John 6:25 – 35 As we read, we find a people who are misunderstanding what Jesus is saying.  Firstly, they ask Jesus in verse 28 about what work they must do


John 1:29-51

Grace That we would we met God afresh in our daily communion times and life together and follow through on any challenges that emerge. Devotion 1 Light a candle  Listen: “The Lord is My Shepherd” by Keith Green, asking the Holy Spirit to speak to you. Sit in silence for 5 mins Read: Acts 2:1-21 Pray: Use your time of


Seeking the Good (Baptist Magazine NZ)

Recently, Dave Tims (UNOH, NZ) was interviewed for an article about discipleship in the New Zealand Baptist Magazine. Below is an excerpt and link to complete article.  Dave, what is your story with God? Dave: I’ve always known God, even as a little child: I have Mum and Dad to thank for that. I think I made my first commitment