As Urban Neighbours of Hope…

We immerse ourselves in the life of neighbourhoods facing urban poverty, joining the risen Jesus to seek transformation from the bottom up.
We live and serve as small, responsive neighbourhood-based teams within cities in Thailand, New Zealand and Australia.


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Recent news and Urban Stories



Finding Life

UNOH’s magazine/newsletter Finding Life will no longer be printed for distribution. The decision to make it only available online reflects our desire to be wise with our resources and expenses. We hope that you can continue to both journey with us and be inspired as you read the “Urban Stories” of what God is doing by his spirit through and among us. There


The Revolution

A poem by Gabriel Hingley The revolution will not be televised nor will it be facebooked, YouTubed or twittered you will not be able to google it or find it on Wikipedia for the revolution that was, is and is to come has already been and always will be located in the hearts of those who after searching the world


Acts 6:1-15

Grace To mutually affirm and challenge each other in seeing our vision become a reality. Devotion 1 We begin by thinking of our grace for the week, with a focus to affirm and challenge each other, and to release one other as a body of believers- to love, to serve and to see God’s Kingdom as we are individually gifted. Read: Acts 6:1-7 Reflection: As we