A Climate of Hope

Claire Dawson and Dr Mick Pope

Climate science experts tell us that climate change is happening now, and that urgent action is required to avoid a range of catastrophic impacts. For many inside the church, the science is perceived as more controversial. It is also unclear for some – both inside and outside of the church – that Christianity has anything positive to say about the debate.

Dawson and Pope address these concerns, and show that the basics of climate change science are now very well established and that real concerns for our future are well grounded. They also show that a belief in a sovereign creator God is compatible with a belief in human-caused climate change, and that faith in God gives the church both a mandate for action and a powerful and necessary hope.

Dawson and Pope then go on to mount a critique of modern consumerist society, and the complicity of media, politics and the church in the lack of leadership on this issue.

Inspiring stories of engagement and hope from Australia and abroad are included to encourage readers that they are not alone on this crucial journey. Many of these stories highlight the fact that wonderful synergies exist between more traditional modes of mission and new adventures in caring for creation. This timely book presents a clear call for Christians and church communities to repent, to pray and to engage in a Christ-like way with climate change on theological, missiological and practical everyday levels.

“… this is urgent business, and I hope and pray that this work will ignite a righteous energy to care for creation.”

Reverend Tim Costello AO, CEO World Vision Australia

“… the message is bold but balanced, hopeful but lamenting the likely loss of so much of God’s glorious creation. Don’t buy it if you don’t want to be challenged or changed.”

Rev’d Dr Gordon Preece, Director of Ethos: EA Centre for Christianity & Society, Chair, Melbourne Anglican Diocese Social Responsibilities Committee

“… with exceptional clarity, the authors elucidate their broader understanding of Scripture, the basic science of climate change, the politico-economic context in which the problem has arisen and the nature of Church responses to date.”

Thea Ormerod – President, Australian Religious Response to Climate Change

“… you don’t need to be a scientist or theologian to read this book, but you do need to be willing to respond to its call to faithful, biblically informed action.”
Steve Bradbury – Director Micah 6.8 Centre 


Claire Dawson & Dr Mick Pope
ISBN: 978994202321 (Paperback)
ISBN: 9780994202338 (eBook)
Publication date: December 2014
298 pages (Paperback)


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A Climate of Hope