Just Money


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Wayne Kirkland

The Vision of Shalom

Money. Such a little word… with such explosive power. For love of money reputations have been ruined, marriages have been destroyed, lifelong friendships have been torn apart, whole nations have bled. For lack of money kingdoms have crumbled, corporations have floundered. lives have faded, dreams have died.

But what about us ordinary folks? Most of us spend more time thinking about money (worrying, planning, earning. spending, counting, hoping, envying) than about almost any other subject.

So what’s money got to do with following Jesus? A great deal, actually. Money is no side issue in the Bible. It’s talked about extensively. Just Money offers both insights and suggestions as to how we can live a life of faith in a culture in love with the dollar.

Be prepared for some surprises.


Author: Wayne Kirkland
ISBN: 9780987099419  (Paperback)
Published: 2011
Pages: 271