Wild Ones


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Mick Duncan

Michael Duncan (Mick) a convert out of the hippie drug counter culture has pastored churches in Dunedin, Manila, Melbourne and Auckland. With his family, he lived in the slums of Manila (1985-1994) engaged in church planting, mercy ministries, community development, and justice making. He has degrees in sociology and theology and has also authored several books. He lectures and speaks extensively throughout New Zealand and Australia inviting people to be there for those who sit and stand alone.

A walk on the wild side
Defying the odds
Backyard beginnings
Tempest of living
One wild woman
Ill considered initiatives
Making room for the Spirit
Rules for life
The test of fidelity

“At last! A book that is prepared to allow the wild, unruly heroes of the faith be exactly what they really are—frightening, undomesticated, inspiring. Mick Duncan doesn’t try to sanitise the untamed spirits of Bonhoeffer, St Francis, Rosa Parks, Samson and Martin Luther King. Instead he allows their tempestuous hearts to invigorate our own often limp, overly safe, passionless spirituality. A wild book about the wild gospel, written by a wild man!”

— Michael Frost Morling College, Sydney

“Jesus lived a radical life, passionately pursuing his Father’s purpose. He calls his followers to do the same. He hates lukewarmness, which could be defined as “serving God in such a way as to not offend the devil”! In this excellent book, Mick Duncan calls us to the wild life God intends for us. Prepare to be stirred!Highly recommended … and dangerous!”

— Mark Conner


Michael Duncan
ISBN: 0977507017 (Paperback)
108 pages